Friday, November 6, 2009


Well.... I've finally managed to acquire a waveform... Granted, it is only the positive side of the waveform... I would need a splitter from the freq generator, and take the other lead and plug it into AI1 and then take the "lead ground" and put it to positive voltage source so the negative part of the waveform has a potential sink. Not really worth trying to figure that out currently, but it would be child's play if need be. As you can see, I'm losing precision in the sampling, but I ran out of time to figure out if it was from forcing the data to a lower precision, or I had max'd out the precision on the A/D.

Well.. Now I am off to the next part of this project, and that is quite exciting.

Coincidentally, I did goto NITS in huntsville, al this past tuesday. Stands for National Instruments Technical (or training?) Symposium. I learned a lot of very interesting things, but most of the juicy information wasn't "how do I do this" kind of scenario. It was picking up the little nuances of Labview that would trip the newbie up. For example, if you use a while loop in your FPGA code, it will throw your loop timing completely off, as the while loop takes quite a few clock cycles to actually work, where a special timed loop forces it to run on clock speed. The list goes on, but alas, my time has come to a close for today.

Au Revoir Mon/Ma Amie!


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