Friday, October 2, 2009

Real Time continued

Alright. I've been away for a bit. Was sick, and then had a car show... The break has given me some fresh air to hit it hard when I came back...

I've been working on the real time module to work at getting some samples from the frequency generator I have hooked up to the sbRIO board. It looks promising, but there are soo many layers with funky timing that it seems a little convoluted. Anyways... The real time wizard spits out a project explorer that I then went and dumped in an FPGA vi to acquire some data from the AIO port on the sbRIO board. Then the data input, I linked into the shared variable engine which let me tie that data up to a variable that can be accessed on a higher level VI, which can then be manipulated with the whole control palette instead of the limited FPGA stuff. I'm still a bit floundering in the dark, so I posted my progress on the ni forums to maybe get some insight about what I am doing right/wrong. I'll post my post recent project explorer so you can see kind of how the realtime project flows.

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