Friday, July 31, 2009

What's the frequency Kenneth?

So yeah, the subject is the name of a REM song. It was big when I was a teenager. Anyways..

Dr. He and I had a little chat today. Kinda got me going in a better direction. I broke out the signal generator, and hooked it up to one of the analog inputs. That wasn't the hard part.

I even got the FGPA VI done for it. Working on the Host VI side of it though. Getting the data seems to be pretty easy, but getting it into a workable form is another story. Since it is sampled data, it is a digital signal so to speak. Here is where I'm lacking a bit of knowledge.. Do I dump the digital signal into a 1D array, then generate a waveform? Or is there a way to take the digital data, and drop it straight out to a waveform that I can see? Still working on that.. Until next friday.


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