Friday, July 10, 2009

Moving on to Rock -n- Roll Sampling

Alright.. John and I had a good talk with Dr. He today regarding next steps, and a little proof of concept on LEDs.

Next milestone so to speak.. The ultimate goal is to sample a sound card out of a computer.
That has a lot of facets, of which, I need to explore exactly how to do it. Just a sampler of requisites for sampling sound is: For accurate measurements, the sampling rate of the system should be at least twice the frequency of the signals being acquired. Pulled that off the NI website. (

Then from there, off to photomultipliers, and sampling them, but that would be getting ahead of ourselves. Anyways... I'm off to do some more research on sampling sound. I'm going to start on the above link, and follow the proverbial rabbit hole.


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