Friday, April 23, 2010


Well.. After talking with NI tech support for a very LONG time about why I'm not getting any worthwhile data it was identified that I needed new drivers.. I was running RIO 3.0.1 or something, and I needed RIO 3.3.0 drivers..

So I download the drivers, 1.5GB last friday.. Get here today, install drivers.. Takes the computer about 1.5 hours to install them.. Reboot.. Check software on RIO target, it is still 3.0.1. Try to install 3.3.0 on device, but it always times out. So I try and remove the old drivers, and put on new. Times out again.. Try and format the RIO, but says I need to be in safe mode. Find safe mode dip switch, throw it, reboot, then format it... Reset IP information, put that back on. Reboot again. Take off safe mode dip switch, reboot. Still in safe mode cuz it does that automagically because no software on the RIO. Push software to is sucessfully! Reboot! Rejoice... 3.5 hours gone by, and barely anything to show for it.. bleg.

Let's go see what I can do with what I got...



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