Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An Idea I Have Been Thinking About

We should enable remote desktop on the PC in 256. This would enable all of us to work from home, elsewhere in school, China, etc. This would give us more the ability to have more face time with labview and if and when we get busy, the ability to continue working without having to show up. Kyle would be able to work more during the week if he chose to do so, I would be able to work more while I am working at Emory because I wouldn't have to come to school to work. Dr. He will be able to work from China if he so chooses. Just an idea on how to be more productive, for free I might add!

Edit: In an effort to be helpful I have included a link detailing how to set it up on the PC. Forwarding the ports would have to a job left to the network administrator.


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